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30th September 2023 
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Counselling & Psychotherapy

There are many benefits from having the opportunity to talk safely and openly about yourself and what's on your mind or how you feel. Counselling & Psychotherapy offers you an opportunity to explore and process your thoughts and feelings such as; anxiety, depression, isolation, stress and anger, in a confidential environment. You may find that by being listened to empathetically, having a professional sounding board can help you to gain a better sense of control in your life.

Some information about Counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling helps you to explore issues or problems in a supportive manner often by looking at the options and choices. Counselling can help you to develop more self awareness, and to learn how to be more supportive to yourself and to develop new coping skills.

Psychotherapy is similar to counselling and offers a deeper understanding of how past experiences can perhaps affect us in the present. It can increase understanding of the beliefs held about yourself, and their affect. Psychotherapy can also create a deeper understanding of the unconscious, perhaps by reflecting on dreams, or by considering our unconscious drives which can provide insight into patterns of behaviour.

Above is a very brief description, more information is available from here. Each individual's experience of the counselling relationship will be unique. If you make an appointment we can talk about your concerns and the best way for us to work together.


    " I sought help from counselling at a difficult time in my life. Depsite my best efforts to suppress and ignore my feelings for the past 40 years, they seemed to escape at the most inconvenient moment.
    With encouragement from Louise, I was able to openly explore these feelings both past and present, in a safe and comfortable environment.
    I'm sure I have more work to do, but I'm ending my counselling sessions more at ease with myself, my situation, feelings and responsiblities.
    Im only sorry that it took such a long time to get there!" S. Surrey

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are ― C.G. Jung

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